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      PROPOSALBASE is paused for the time being. The transition of the terrain is coming into a next phase. Untill there will be a new balance it is not possible to donate for the proposals. PROPOSAL BASE challenged all artists in the world to submit proposals for site-specific work regarding a terrain which is in a state of transition. The proposals, realizable or purely conceptual, show the potential richness of artistic possibilities for the area. We realized proposals with the help of donations. You can consider this site as a 3-D printer, where your proposal became real. All proposals will be shown in the PROPOSAL BASE archive.


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    • FAQ

      everything you wanna know about ProposalBase

      Why Man?!

      First of all, because we rock... PROPOSAL BASE is a real terrain (Buitenplaats Koningsweg) where you can make your proposal happen. The founders Jeroen Glas & BiOP want to give all artists in the world (with an internet connection) the possibility to make a proposal for the PROPOSAL BASE, Buitenplaats Koningsweg; a former military terrain on the outskirts of a Dutch city (Arnhem) and the largest nature reserve in Europe. We are like a 3D Printer: If we get the right amount of funding for materials to build one of the Proposals, we will build it. The result will be shown on the map of this site. You can make a proposal real by donating, let your mom donate or start a campaign on social media.


      Visual artists and those who have an artistic idea they wish to develop and present. We aim to present professional proposals. 

      Furthermore we support community based art, which has a relation to marginalized communities such as queers, sex workers, feminists, ethnic groups, dead Germans, trees etc. We encourage all types of projects and artists to propose ideas spanning from spontaneous and contemporary tendencies to more conceived and well described work.

      Every proposal will be curated by the initiators of PROPOSAL BASE. If the proposal is considered realizable, funding for the project can be realized by making a donation. If the proposal reaches the needed amount of money, the artwork will be produced by PROPOSAL BASE. Proper documentation will be made of the realized project, which will also be shown on this website. If the proposal is considered (temporarily) unrealizable, the proposal will be published as unrealizable on the PROPOSAL BASE website. PROPOSAL BASE wants to encourage submitters to send proposals beyond the possible, to show what is (im)possible at the Buitenplaats Koningsweg. This way we will create an archive with a cultural value for the area and an inspiration for other artists. PROPOSAL BASE is a non-commercial and grant-free initiative.

      PB reserve the right to reject proposals and therefore not to post on the blog in case of proposals that are racist, commercial, spam, polluting to environment etc. etc.

      Can I submit an existing artwork?
      We encourage artists to submit proposals for new site-specific temporary artworks.

      All things come to an end. The Netherlands is a small country and mainly below sea level, so no piece of land is really safe when the herds come to our higher grounds. 

      Can I enter the terrain?
      The gates are CLOSED... unless public cultural activities will take place on the terrain. Check Facebook for events. 

      Copyright of the proposed plan belongs to the applicant(s).

      Proposed materials such as drawings and images of the artwork will be used free of charge on the PROPOSAL BASE website, press releases and other materials that PROPOSAL BASE may produce for promotional purpose.

      A proposal is open for donations for one year. If the desired amount isn't reached by then, it is possible to support another proposal or you can get 75% of your money back. This due to overhead costs. 
      You can donate using the donate button or directly transfer to our bank account Iban: NL32TRIO 0197718248. Don't forget to refer to the proposal you want to donate for.

      Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy 

      Through this site a donation can be made for the realisation of a temporary artwork at Buitenplaats Koningsweg, Arnhem, The Netherlands. Once a preferred Realizable Proposal is chosen the donator can choose an amount (min.5€) to donate. There are two donation possibilities, directly transfer to our bank account Iban: NL32TRIO 0197718248 or klick the Donate-button and get redirected to Mollie Payments.  With Mollie one can chose Paypal or iDeal. iDEAL is not a centralised electronic payment system but a collection of technical agreements between banks and transaction processors. Thanks to these technical agreements, iDEAL is seamlessly integrated with the online banking offered by banks. When 100% of the needed amount is raised the artwork will be made and the names of the donators engraved in the Brickwall of Fame. If the desired amount isn't reached in 1 year, it is possible to support another proposal or you can get 75% of your money back, direct bank account transfer. This due to overhead costs. All (confidential) data of donators will only be used for a single donation and if needed a refunding. Proposalbase will not share data with third parties.

    • Wiki Base

      some background info

      The Veluwe is an area of lateral moraines emerged 150,000 years ago during the Saalien. Estate Kingsroad or (Buitenplaats Koningsweg in Dutch) is located on the southern edge and enclosed by a nature reserve and (former) defense sites.

      BK (Buitenplaats Koningsweg) is the heritage of the military activity that began in 1940 and lasted until 1997. The monumental buildings and nature park are hovering in a transitional phase, waiting to be developed as a cultural enclave. The wartime history of WW2 and the Cold War will continue to live in the buildings and infrastructure as a cultural heritage.

      Developer KWP (Kondor Wessels Projecten), Hans Jungerius (urban cultural explorer) and Harro de Jong (landscape architect) founded this cultural enclave and wrote a plan to revive this area. Until 2014 artist collective G.A.N.G. organized various monthly cultural activities at BK and was directly involved in the development of the area. Now Hans Jungerius is the caretaker of the cultural field.

      In the municipal zoning BK still has the status "military area". The status of the area will be changed into a public status with the focus on cultural manifestations. Until then, there is a gap in time, but not in the space. The next few years, Proposal Base wants to fill this transitional phase with artistic proposals. When the situation becomes permanent we hope to continue BP. This site will be the map of the area to give artists the opportunity to submit a proposal for a work of art. 

      The motivations for PB are:

      - Use a real area in transition as a canvas to make virtual proposals real. 
      - Unique region in a unique position where unique things can happen.
      - Creating an art network.
      - Show cultural possibilities on the terrain through proposals. 


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